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Outboard Update

Posted in General Boating Stuff by Joseph Moore on May 26, 2010

Well, my little Archimedes Penta 3.9hp is still running nicely, if with the tendancy to run away with itself occasionally. Might be gunk in the carb, might be bad fuel.

The 8hp Johnson has dried out nicely in the hot weather and is sparking again. So, we have a spark, we have fuel, we have… no combustion. Great. Let’s hope the fuel’s junk. New spark plugs on their way so I’ll get a new tankful to give it a proper test at the weekend.


A Lesson In Being Gentle

Posted in Boat Building & Maintenance by Joseph Moore on March 22, 2010

Take the fuel tank off an old Archimedes Penta outboard and give it a fresh coat of paint and a wash out. Simple, right? Would be if the fuel valve outlet hadn’t sheared off. In fairness, I wasn’t being that heavy handed; it was really really corroded. Anyone know where I can get a new one (or something resembling it) from?

Seacat Marine seem to hold a lot of spares for the Penta 3.9hp engine but surprise surprise no fuel valves. I could do with a service kit for the Bing carburettor while I’m at it…

Archimedes Penta 3.9hp outboard fuel valve

Archimedes Penta 3.9hp outboard fuel valve