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Nacra Inter 18 For Sale

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on June 14, 2010

Nacra Inter 18 For Sale

I’m so bummed out about this, but circumstances change and needs must, so she’s got to go. Take a look at the for sale ad on the F18 website and drop me an email if you’re interested.


Need A Wooden Steer Thingy?

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on March 24, 2010
For sale: One wooden steer thingy

For sale: One wooden steer thingy

Came across this on ebay earlier.

The seller’s auctioning off a “wooden steer thingy” and mentions they’ve also got a “long wooden sail post/bord thingy as well”. Fantastic!

12ft Skiff For Sale

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on February 16, 2010

My mate Andy’s selling his 12ft skiff, CST Composites. Bit of a mental machine for anyone who’s really into scaring themselves to death.

12ft Skiff "CST Composites"

12ft Skiff "CST Composites"

Take a look at the ad here.

Achilles 24 For Sale

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on January 15, 2010

A friend of mine is selling an Achilles 24 for a very reasonable £2500. Take a look on ebay here.

Achilles 24 "Elver"

Achilles 24 "Elver"

They’re supposed to be very competent little cruising yachts. Unfortunately I’ve never had the pleasure of sailing her, but I’ve sailed with her owner a few times and he knows what he’s doing so she’s probably quite a sorted boat.

Buy My Stuff!

Posted in Everything Else by Joseph Moore on October 8, 2009

More shameless plugs to help fund my boating. I’ve got a couple of things on ebay:

Sanders Fireball Spinnaker

Not a bad kite for club racing got a few patches and repairs but nothing major – fireball spinnaker auction

Jack Holt Sail Bag

Pretty big sail bag made by Jack Holt. Ideal for a large mainsail or keeping anything long and thin in, maybe a giant sausage, something like that – sail bag auction

Thanks guys, I promise all proceeds will be spent on a boat of some description.