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Winter berth

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on October 19, 2010

Nervous Tension‘s now tucked up on a pontoon in Southsea Marina for the winter. Long story short, I got bored of waiting for Emsworth to get back to me about spaces once they’d taken my deposit. The chaps at Southsea have been helpful and friendly all season so despite it being a bit more expensive, they get my custom.

More about the comedy of errors that was Sunday afternoon and some great photos soon, I promise.

Bring on the boat fixing, and hopefully a little sailing too.


Oh, for a pontoon…

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on September 7, 2010

Sent off my application for a winter berth at Emsworth Yacht Harbour this morning. Seemed to be a nice, friendly place and just about the only pontoon berth within my tiny budget. Access over the fixed sill is about 1.5hrs either side of high water with a 5’1″ draft on all but neaps, so that’s fine by me. At least there’s more chance of some sailing than if she was ashore and much less chance of anything going wrong than if I was to leave her on the swinging mooring in Langstone Harbour.

I also sent a cheque for £10 to Cowes Harbour Commission to be put on their waiting list. Berthing’s cheaper on that side of the Solent and the Medina is the sensible choice for a fin keeler – always plenty of water and access at all states of the tide. I have to chuckle at the way they’ll only discuss availability with you after you’ve paid to join the waiting list, but if it’s £10 down the drain, so be it. At least I’ll know the chances of keeping a boat there next year.

Really cannot wait to be on a pontoon with all the associated convenience. There’s nothing wrong with a swinging mooring – it’s just that the one in Langstone is over a mile from the nearest launching beach, so after you’ve faffed around with the tender, motored out there, bounced around in the chop and shifted all the gear aboard, you’re kinda ready to pack up and come home. It’s just a bit boring and ever so inconvenient. A water taxi would make life much more pleasant – but in that harbour the distances are too great and the traffic too low. So roll on a pontoon berth with all mod cons of fresh water, electricity and dry feet!