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On Vreli

Posted in Boat Building & Maintenance, Sailing by Joseph Moore on February 23, 2010

Nathan Whitworth of On Kudu fame is at it again with his new boat Vreli, a Cinder 22. Lots to do by the looks of it so I for one will be keen to read his progress. Can’t say I envy him, sleeping around the dusty muck from grinding grp but respect for the dedication, devotion and insanity!

Can’t find any mention of a Cinder 22 owners association to link to at the moment, though there are plenty for sale on the usual classified sites.


The Lure of a Small Yacht

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on October 13, 2009

I’ve been watching a lot of Dylan’s Keep Turning Left videos and following Nathan On Kudu lately. If I had a little more money to spare I’d be trawling the boatyards now for a trailerable small yacht to have some adventures of my own on. There are a couple of little boats in need of a refit on sale for under a grand right now. The temptation is killing me…

More Sailing Around Britain – On Kudu

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on October 5, 2009

Been reading about Nathan’s Adventures on Kudu this weekend. Check it out, he’s taking quite a different approach to Dylan Winter but it’s ace nonetheless. I’m sure most sailors can empathise with the bits of boat breaking and the amazing ability sailing has to devour what little money you may have. Respect to Nathan for getting on with it, hopefully the adventure will continue next year with Kudu back on the water for the Jester Challenge.