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What a mess…

Posted in Boat Building & Maintenance by Joseph Moore on April 28, 2011

The weather’s been fantastic lately, so I’ve been attacking the Land Rover with a tin of red gloss. It’s pretty bright now, but a couple more coats and it’ll be looking great.

Nervous Tension’s still at Lauren Marine on the Itchen, and they lifted her out last week. If the weather stays fine this weekend I’ll be down there scraping, scrubbing,  grinding, glueing and priming. I’d like to get her back in the water by the end of May. It’s an ambitious target given the state she’s in at the moment, so I’ll probably have to save some jobs for later in the year, but a fresh coat of paint all over and a good slop of antifoul will work wonders I’m sure.

Nervous Tension on the hard at Lauren Marine


When It’s A Strong Northerly…

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on May 4, 2010

…it’s pretty hopeless to try and get to a deep water buoy in Langstone Harbour without getting utterly soaked. Massive thanks to Stu and Ross for getting soaked on the way out to the boat. Unfortunately the outboard also got soaked, so the chances of moving her to somewhere more sheltered to finish the repairs were zilch. Still, the heavy motor’s on the boat and Chris has offered use of his fleet of hard dinghies to save lugging the inflatable down there in the Land Rover so there’s a good chance that real progress can be made next time.

It wasn’t a bad day in the end. The sun came out for a while, Sarah read a large portion of her book from the shelter of the Land Rover and I actually remembered the binoculars for once. The windsurfers were out in force, blasting across the harbour fairway and Eastney Lake. One poor chap in a Freelander had driven down the loose shingle on the end of the peninsula and beached himself with two wheels off the ground and the chassis on the floor. Not much room to drag him off backwards but a falling tide meant there was enough room lower down on the beach to get the Land Rover in and tow him forwards with Stu, Ross and a bunch of passers-by bouncing off his rear bumper to help with traction.

Stopped off and delivered the last parts of the Fireball to Charles in Bursledon on the way home and had a quick look at his floating work in progress – Deneb K.

Made a bit of a rookie error and completely forgot to take any photos for the whole day. Maybe next time I’ll remember…

Proper Snow

Posted in Everything Else by Joseph Moore on December 18, 2009

Brr. Had some proper snow here last night which is a bit of an event in sunny St Albans. Geographically we’re in a rubbish place for getting snow – sheltered by the chiltern hills and right next to the relatively hot sprawling mass that is London.

So enough work for the day, time to take the Land Rover down some crisp country lanes and play in the snow!

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Hibernating Yacht

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on October 22, 2009
Mystery Yacht

Mystery Yacht

I had to park my Land Rover in a nearby industrial estate last night as there was no space in the little cul-de-sac where the flat is. Wandered in there this morning, half expecting to see she’d been clamped or something, but got a nice surprise. No clamp, just a gorgeous yacht parked up on a trailer.

At first glance I thought she was an Ecume De Mer, but there’s not enough overhang at the transom. Whatever she is, those are some very pretty lines. She’s only just turned up so I guess she’s there for the winter.

If she’s yours, please please please take me sailing next summer!

Mystery Yacht Stern

Mystery Yacht Stern

Mystery Yacht Bow

Mystery Yacht Bow

A Sad Lack of Windsurfing

Posted in Windsurfing by Joseph Moore on October 19, 2009

I love windsurfing. I love that feeling of going faster than you thought possible, inches from the water, wondering when you’re inevitably going to crash.

I got reasonably good at it last year. Being a featherweight 8.5 stone (No, really… I’m tiny) helps a lot and although I didn’t quite crack waterstarting I can beach start in waist deep water reliably, which is progress I guess.

The thing is, I haven’t been windsurfing at all this year as the Land Rover’s been off the road for a while leaving me with no means of transporting my board. Now the weather’s getting colder again so it doesn’t look like I’m going to get any windsurfing at all in this year. I’m a complete wuss – I just can’t stand being chilly.

Maybe next year…