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How I Float (At The Moment)

Posted in General Boating Stuff by Joseph Moore on September 23, 2009

As I mentioned briefly, I do a lot of sailing, windsurfing and kayaking which I guess is a bit vague really, so here’s a bit more about each one.


Pretty much every weekend sees some sailing, usually at Grafham Water. This summer my crew and I decided we were feeling lazy so bought an old Nacra Inter18 and put the Cherub up for sale. She’s a pretty awesome bit of kit and I’m sure there will be plenty more posts as we get to grips with racing her this autumn.

Before that was the Cherub which has been a serious laugh. Any lightweights out there wanting some really hands on sailing and the most friendly class on the planet should get involved.

Also lurking around is a Fireball in need of fitting out after getting a new mast and a fat International Moth (Magnum 6) after some new paint and a repair on the daggerboard case. Eyes peeled for photos and how tos when I get round to tackling those jobs.


Great fun when it’s too breezy for dinghy sailing. I’m using an F2 Axxis at the moment after trashing my BiC Rumba and somewhat outgrowing my fabulous retro BiC Star – nothing gets the looks like that baby.


I should do more of this really. I used to play polo for my local club (St Albans) when I was a bit younger. Now my paddling consists of the odd trip to Wales or up and down the local canal on a sunny evening in my trusty (if battered) Perception SuperSport. Anyone wanting to donate a playboat not from the stone age please get in touch!

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