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Last race of the Hamble winter series

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on December 6, 2010

Went pretty well to be honest. I was doing pit on J/109 “Me Julie” again in light airs and patchy fog. Delayed getting to the start as we had to scrub the ice off the decks before it was possible to stand up on them and also drop a couple of late sailors off onto another yacht. Seemed to work in our favour though as we arrived at the port end of the line just as the gun went and the fleet were setting off from the starboard end – it seemed to put us firmly in pole position by the first mark, which we kept until the last (downwind) leg. The yachts rounding after us caught some better air and went steaming off faster and deeper, while we got pushed ever further by the tide. Still, we made a creditable 3rd place and sailing with the sun streaming down through the patchy fog was just brilliant. Would have been a great day to have a decent camera for sure.


November update

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on November 27, 2010

One quick update for what’s actually been a pretty busy month of boat stuff.

Holes in the deck have been patched with glass on the outside and are awaiting a matching patch on the inside for good measure. Had the No.1 genoa up on a dead calm day – went up smoothly, no trouble, so that’s good.

Here’s a couple of snaps including one of yours truly:

Nervous Tension

Nervous Tension - crack in deck, needs repairing

Nervous Tension

Nervous Tension - taking out damp wood from the deck

No1 genoa up!

No1 genoa up!

Apart from the front, the awful state of the paint on the topsides and the beard on the bottom of the boat that’s somewhere approaching the Amazon rainforest in terms of scale, she’s basically ready to go sailing. We’ll see how that pans out as it’s currently -3 degrees outside, snow is forecast and my Land Rover’s waiting on some new power steering parts.

I have actually been sailing though – J/109 “Me Julie” was a little short on crew for the Hamble Winter Series last weekend and I was invited to crew with some old Cherub buddies. Excellent sailing, if a little nippy. We weren’t too shabby either – coming 7th out of 13, and only missing out on 4th place by a matter of seconds as we missed the lay line for the final beat. Back out in a couple of weeks for the final race of the series, which should be good. I forgot to take any pictures so here’s a shot of the boat from someone else taken last season. We weren’t nearly so co-ordinated in our clothing.

J/109 "Me Julie"

J/109 "Me Julie"