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Shiny New Gear

Posted in General Boating Stuff by Joseph Moore on February 16, 2010

Went into the Musto shop in Bicester the other day where, bizarrely, they stock offshore gear. In the middle of the land, miles from the sea! Fancy that!

Figured I’d climb into some foul weather gear while I was there and see what fits for future reference. I really ought to buy a set as I always end up borrowing them when I go big boating. Can guarantee I’ll get caught out one day; probably the day that gets stormy… If it’s of any use to those of us who live nowhere near a chandler they seem to have most things in stock at about 50% off the rrp which seems pretty decent to me. It’s nice to look at the labels and think “Oh ok, bit expensive but fair enough” rather than just keel over at the price.


Foul Weather Gear For Landlubbers

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on January 28, 2010

This is more a bit of an irrational grumble from my point of view, but I’m thinking of getting some foul weather gear for big boat sailing. Proper gear just can’t be underestimated especially if like me you tend to feel the cold.

So here I am in landlocked Hertfordshire with the prospect of a drive down into central London or over to Essex just to try some stuff on before I can make my mind up. I can’t really expect marine related shops to stock offshore gear round here, so I’m going to have to spend a day by the sea. Such a hard life…