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Oops (again)

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on April 3, 2010

Sometimes I’m a real muppet. Went down to get the Fireball out of the barn this morning… where’s my good trailer board? Oh that’s right, still on the Cherub trailer which is now in Valencia. Bugger.

That’ll have to wait til another day then…

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April Showers

Posted in Boat Building & Maintenance, Sailing by Joseph Moore on April 2, 2010

It’s been a fickle day in sunny-rainy-sunny-again Hertfordshire… shame the weather forecast’s looking horrid for Hampshire tomorrow. I’m off down there to visit a friend who’s having my old Fireball off me. If the time and tide are right (and it’s not actually torrential rain) I’m gonna try and get the bow roller refitted to Nervous Tension as well. I had to leave her with the mooring line lashed to the forestay last time, which is far from ideal but there just wasn’t time to get everything finished.

Nervous Tension's bow roller

Nervous Tension's bow roller

Still, today I’ve managed to make up a plywood pad to sit beneath the roller – the theory is that the horizontal grain of the ply gives some water ingress protection to the vertical grain of the stem. A bit of bog and some extra long stainless screws should see her back in place, good as new.

I’ve started repairing the cracked transom crossbeam as well, but that can wait for a post of it’s own.

Selling My Fireball

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on November 29, 2009
Fireball K12284

Fireball K12284

Finally got around to putting the Fireball up for sale.

She’s got a bit of work that needs doing to her but is a sound boat that has a lot of potential. All proceeds to the bigger boat fund.

That’s also a shot of Messing About In Boats HQ, otherwise known as an old chicken shed in the wilds of Hertfordshire. Slightly leaky, very dusty and with a doorway that’s not quite big enough, but it’ll do if I decide to build that Buccaneer!

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November Weather

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on November 29, 2009

The weather’s been officially rubbish this November. Gales, rain and chilly temperatures. My alarm went off this morning and I woke to dark skies, howling wind and a thoroughly unpleasant hail storm. Couple that with an afternoon of digging stumps out of a friend’s garden yesterday and climbing into some rubber gear to go sailing wasn’t looking or feeling too inviting.

Still, now it’s just gone 11am and the sun is shining, the wind has died and it’s even getting relatively warm. Maybe a trip down to the barn to sort out my Fireball ready to sell her. After all, I waved goodbye to Mushy Peas yesterday so it’s starting to get quite empty in there now; Which is a good thing I guess as boats really should be sailed. Plus it frees up a load of space if and when I decide to get stuck in to boat building.

At least in the time it’s taken to write that paragraph it’s started raining again…

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No Sailing This Weekend

Posted in Everything Else by Joseph Moore on October 25, 2009

It’s the Grafham Cat Open this weekend, so you’d expect there’d be a lot of sailing going on. Thing is, it’s also blowing a good force 7 up there, which isn’t great conditions for us and my crew’s got things to be doing anyway. Ben’s Rebel 41 is still out of the water, so I’m making the most of the good weather here in sunny Hertfordshire to sort out my stack of Fireball sails and root through the shed for more junk that needs ebaying. Happy days.