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Need A Wooden Steer Thingy?

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on March 24, 2010
For sale: One wooden steer thingy

For sale: One wooden steer thingy

Came across this on ebay earlier.

The seller’s auctioning off a “wooden steer thingy” and mentions they’ve also got a “long wooden sail post/bord thingy as well”. Fantastic!


Selling My Fireball

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on November 29, 2009
Fireball K12284

Fireball K12284

Finally got around to putting the Fireball up for sale.

She’s got a bit of work that needs doing to her but is a sound boat that has a lot of potential. All proceeds to the bigger boat fund.

That’s also a shot of Messing About In Boats HQ, otherwise known as an old chicken shed in the wilds of Hertfordshire. Slightly leaky, very dusty and with a doorway that’s not quite big enough, but it’ll do if I decide to build that Buccaneer!

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No Sailing This Weekend

Posted in Everything Else by Joseph Moore on October 25, 2009

It’s the Grafham Cat Open this weekend, so you’d expect there’d be a lot of sailing going on. Thing is, it’s also blowing a good force 7 up there, which isn’t great conditions for us and my crew’s got things to be doing anyway. Ben’s Rebel 41 is still out of the water, so I’m making the most of the good weather here in sunny Hertfordshire to sort out my stack of Fireball sails and root through the shed for more junk that needs ebaying. Happy days.

Buy My Stuff!

Posted in Everything Else by Joseph Moore on October 8, 2009

More shameless plugs to help fund my boating. I’ve got a couple of things on ebay:

Sanders Fireball Spinnaker

Not a bad kite for club racing got a few patches and repairs but nothing major – fireball spinnaker auction

Jack Holt Sail Bag

Pretty big sail bag made by Jack Holt. Ideal for a large mainsail or keeping anything long and thin in, maybe a giant sausage, something like that – sail bag auction

Thanks guys, I promise all proceeds will be spent on a boat of some description.