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Happy Birthday To Me

Posted in Everything Else by Joseph Moore on November 23, 2009

I turned the grand old age of 26 today. Sarah and I took a trip to see the sea, got blown around the Naze at Walton and stopped off at Brightlingsea on the way back. Very windy and a bit damp at times but nice to get some salty air and watch the boats bobbing around on their moorings.

Brightlingsea’s changed a lot since I was last there maybe 10 years ago. There’s now a huge great “marina” development next to the old town slipway. It looks very nice but I’m a little dubious of the U-shaped harbour squeezed in between the apartment blocks: It was southerly facing and not entirely sheltered.

Still, there was a cute little Corribee called ‘Elektra’ tucked away in the corner being thoroughly dwarfed by some shiny wine-tasting platforms with masts and the usual plethora of old wooden boats tucked away in boat sheds and hidden under tarps.


More Sailing Around Britain – On Kudu

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on October 5, 2009

Been reading about Nathan’s Adventures on Kudu this weekend. Check it out, he’s taking quite a different approach to Dylan Winter but it’s ace nonetheless. I’m sure most sailors can empathise with the bits of boat breaking and the amazing ability sailing has to devour what little money you may have. Respect to Nathan for getting on with it, hopefully the adventure will continue next year with Kudu back on the water for the Jester Challenge.