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Nervous Tension

Nervous Tension is an Extension class yacht. Never heard of the Extension? Me either… luckily she came with a big folder of old photocopied articles and history which I will try and get scanned in on here. She was built by Bob Hoare in 1975 from cold molded mahogany as a stripped out racer and originally designed by Jac de Ridder to compete in the Quarter Ton Cup.

Nervous Tension at anchor in Langstone Harbour

Nervous Tension at anchor in Langstone Harbour

Extension Specifications:

LOA 7.45m 24’5″
LWL 6.10m 20′
Beam 2.76m 9’1/2″
Draught 1.55m 5’1″
Displacement (approx) 910kg 2000lb
Ballast 455kg 1000lb
Sail Area 23.1sqm 248sqft
Rating 1/4 ton
I 8.25m 27’1″
J 2.74m 9′
P 8.85m 29′
E 2.64m 8’8″

I bought Nervous Tension in February 2010. She’d recently slipped off her mooring and suffered some damage to the transom and topsides, but nothing unrepairable.


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  1. […] on February 19, 2010 I’ve been a bit rash this week and bought another boat! Nervous Tension is an Extension, which is pr0bably pretty meaningless to most people but I’ve got a folder […]

  2. […] glued to this page for the past few days, waiting for a decent weather window to get down to the quarter tonner and make some […]

  3. […] on March 2, 2010 Took the opportunity of the sunny weather to get down to my new project yacht, Nervous Tension. Langstone Harbour was absolutely beautiful despite the rather chilly southerly blowing straight up […]

  4. […] and a strange almost-chine in the topsides. I expect most will have had the same treatment as Nervous Tension and made a little more accommodating. Tagged with: extension 24, extension 24 yacht, nervous […]

  5. […] on making the most of the dry, sunny weather lately and get some much needed repairs done on Nervous Tension. It was all fairly straightforward; leave early, pick up an outboard on the way and get down in […]

  6. […] Posted in Sailing by messingaboutinboats on March 25, 2010 A few more old photos of Nervous Tension, an Extension 24 quarter tonner. Nervous Tension around, winter 2009 Nervous Tension, port winch […]

  7. […] by messingaboutinboats on March 29, 2010 Had a cracking weekend at Southsea marina working on Nervous Tension. As always, boat fixing seems to take much, much longer than you could possibly anticipate but the […]

  8. […] it’s not actually torrential rain) I’m gonna try and get the bow roller refitted to Nervous Tension as well. I had to leave her with the mooring line lashed to the forestay last time, which is far […]

  9. […] plan was then to head down to Langstone Harbour and refit the bow roller to Nervous Tension. The sun was out by the time we arrived, but full of lunch and with white horses racing across the […]

  10. […] by messingaboutinboats on April 7, 2010 Thanks to Chris for donating a couple more photos of Nervous Tension when she went aground on his beach this winter. Judging by the damaged bow which has been tacked […]

  11. […] the harbour patrol officer this morning – he’d been out on his rounds and noticed that Nervous Tension has taken to self-destructing. I suspect the damage is because the mooring chain has been bouncing […]

  12. […] look like I’m going to get enough time or cash together to finish the repairs on Nervous Tension and give her a satisfactory shakedown sail. Oh well, next […]

  13. […] Posted in Sailing by messingaboutinboats on May 21, 2010 Thanks to John for sending me Nervous Tension‘s radio which got drowned and spent a while sitting in an airing cupboard. Fingers crossed it […]

  14. […] Sailing by messingaboutinboats on June 15, 2010 It’s probably time for a bit of an update. Nervous Tension‘s slowly but surely getting there and yes, my F18 is for sale. I’m sad to see her go, […]

  15. […] I had a really nice afternoon just rowing about in Eastney Lake with Sarah after we set off for Nervous Tension and the screw holding the carburettor float bowl on shook itself loose and fell in the sea. Oops. […]

  16. […] good news is that Nervous Tension‘s essentially ready to sail. Sarah, Chris and I spent the weekend hammering, sawing, […]

  17. Winter berth « messing about in boats said, on October 19, 2010 at 8:26 am

    […] Posted in Sailing by messingaboutinboats on October 19, 2010 Nervous Tension‘s now tucked up on a pontoon in Southsea Marina for the winter. Long story short, I got bored […]

  18. Pompey Big-Dave said, on August 2, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    seams you had some fun on her used to be mine

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