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Posted in Boat Building & Maintenance, Sailing by Joseph Moore on January 25, 2011

Sunday I’d hoped to go for a bit of a sail, but it was fairly breezy and on rehanging the rudder I noticed a huge great crack where an old repair had gone bad. Probably best not to sail when the rudder was in danger of falling into two pieces, so we spent the day repairing it and doing further jobs on the boat – more patching of the deck and repairs to the stem, plus she got a good dry out inside with the fan heater.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in terms of getting emails from various people – first from Rupert Holmes who recently restored the Extension 24 “Minestrone”. He had a lot of useful insight into the boats and the issues he encountered in doing a fairly similar refit. Then this morning, a load of comments from Mike and Hilary Payne – owners of Nervous Tension for 5 years up until Spring 2009 – offering encouragement and stories from their days spent sailing her.

Roll on the warmer weather when some serious progress can be made!

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