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Snow… but not here

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on December 4, 2010

Warning: here comes a thoroughly British rant about the weather…

The UK’s taken a bit of a battering by the cold arctic northeasterlies lately. Lots of snow everywhere, except here in Hertfordshire where there’s been barely any as usual. Curse our sheltered geographical position. No sledging because there’s just puddles of icy mush on the ground and no boating because thanks to a short lull the southwesterleys have taken over for the weekend and the air’s warmed up by 10 degrees or so. This means it’s now warm enough to be drizzling down in Hampshire which is just unpleasant.

Tomorrow it’s forecast heavy rain with air temperatures just above zero and I’m due to be crewing on J/109 “Me Julie” again. Monday’s (of course) looking rather nice but I can’t stay down on the boat even though I’ve got the day off as I’m waiting for some new power steering hoses for the Land Rover. Typical. She’s so irritatingly close to being as ready (if not pretty) as she’ll ever be for some really good sailing and I want to make more use of the marina berth while I have it over the winter.

I just can’t bring myself to spend as much as I’d have to on a pontoon berth all year round. I’d rather put that money in the tank of my car or the outboard and get out on the water.


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