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Work starts, properly this time…

Posted in Boat Building & Maintenance by Joseph Moore on November 4, 2010

Now the boat’s on a pontoon it’s much easier to be productive with regard to getting her fixed. With the exception of the 2 hour drive each way, that is. Last Saturday, Sarah and I went down and braved the somewhat torrential showers to get some work done. Really, it turned out to be quite a lovely day, only ducking for cover occasionally.

Sarah cleaned the heads and painted the remaining bits of interior and I set about hacking chunks of rotten wood out of the boat with some gusto. Mostly it’s old rushed repairs which have probably been there for a decade or more coming back to haunt, so out the soggy wood has come, ready for some new ply and glass.

Interestingly, there are a pair of matching square holes, set back maybe 18″ and dead in line with where the shroud plates come through the deck – perhaps she once had swept spreaders? Who knows…

I’ve ordered a can of vinylester resin. Never used it before but it’s supposed to be quite good for the price. Not as strong as epoxy (but miles better than polyester) and around a third of the price.

I need to get a new shore power cable as well – just one of those mains hookup kits with the RCD that they sell in camping shops as the one I borrowed from my mum seems to have stopped working since the last time I used it. On the plus side though, I was donated a nice working battery and my echo sounder switches on just as it should – it only reads ‘E’, but that’s a different matter. Maybe it can’t see through the beard on the bottom of the boat. Can’t say I blame it. Speed log is dead as a dodo currently. The whole boat needs rewiring though, so I’m not really worried about it. Someone used regular cheapo twin core cable so it’s probably corroded to nothing inside the insulation.


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