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Looking back through old photos

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on September 8, 2010

Maybe I’m seeing things, but something doesn’t stack up.

Look here:

Then look here:

Notice anything? Or, more specifically, notice anything missing?

Yeah, me too: The keel. The first set of photos I believe are from around 10 years ago when she was raced on the Medway, the second set are from this winter just before I bought her.

Apparently she should have a draft of 5’1″ – but the keel looks significantly shorter in the more recent photos. According this article on the Extension class yacht, the keel should be 2.5:1 in aspect ratio. I’m dead keen to dry her out and do some inspecting now.

Has she lost some keel? Did she have a keel extension added at some point in her life which was subsequently removed? The keel bolts were replaced by the previous owner, but whether he noticed any irregularities at the time I don’t know. The antifoul and weed in the later pictures sure suggests it’s been like that for some time.



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