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Home Straight (Maybe)

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on July 9, 2010

I must admit I’ve neglected this blog lately, what with being busy at work and no real sailing taking place.

My Johnson 8hp’s been in the shop at Ron Hale Marine. Turns out the exhaust trumpet is rotten and needs replacing but the part alone is over £300. I guess I’ll be looking out for another one on ebay to scavenge for parts.

The Archimedes Penta’s poorly too. I had a really nice afternoon just rowing about in Eastney Lake with Sarah after we set off for Nervous Tension and the screw holding the carburettor float bowl on shook itself loose and fell in the sea. Oops. Sarah’s now pretty convinced she’s as cursed with boats as she is with cars.

Still, I’m heading down there tomorrow with Stu to do the last serious repairs to the bow and who knows, maybe we’ll get some canvas up if only a jib flapping on the mooring.


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