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When It’s A Strong Northerly…

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on May 4, 2010

…it’s pretty hopeless to try and get to a deep water buoy in Langstone Harbour without getting utterly soaked. Massive thanks to Stu and Ross for getting soaked on the way out to the boat. Unfortunately the outboard also got soaked, so the chances of moving her to somewhere more sheltered to finish the repairs were zilch. Still, the heavy motor’s on the boat and Chris has offered use of his fleet of hard dinghies to save lugging the inflatable down there in the Land Rover so there’s a good chance that real progress can be made next time.

It wasn’t a bad day in the end. The sun came out for a while, Sarah read a large portion of her book from the shelter of the Land Rover and I actually remembered the binoculars for once. The windsurfers were out in force, blasting across the harbour fairway and Eastney Lake. One poor chap in a Freelander had driven down the loose shingle on the end of the peninsula and beached himself with two wheels off the ground and the chassis on the floor. Not much room to drag him off backwards but a falling tide meant there was enough room lower down on the beach to get the Land Rover in and tow him forwards with Stu, Ross and a bunch of passers-by bouncing off his rear bumper to help with traction.

Stopped off and delivered the last parts of the Fireball to Charles in Bursledon on the way home and had a quick look at his floating work in progress – Deneb K.

Made a bit of a rookie error and completely forgot to take any photos for the whole day. Maybe next time I’ll remember…


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