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What’s Left?

Posted in Boat Building & Maintenance, Sailing by Joseph Moore on March 31, 2010

More for my own records than anything, probably a good idea to take stock of what we achieved at the weekend and what’s left to do. The list now looks a bit like this:

  • Patch a crack in the deck
  • Repair the port quarter under the pushpit base
  • Fill and fair scuffs on the port topside
  • Repair section of starboard bow which has been torn off (on closer inspection – very structural!)
  • Repair area of damp wood from a previous repair on starboard bow
  • Rebuild missing section of starboard transom
  • Repair transom crossbeam (now removed from boat)
  • Figure out where the water in the bilge is coming from
  • Repair stringers on port side
  • Refit bow roller
  • Reattach deck to stringers on port side (previous owner compressed her a little trying to get her off the beach)

That’s right folks, it’s a typical boat to-do list and gets longer every time you look at it!


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