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Best Laid Plans…

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on March 16, 2010

I was planning on making the most of the dry, sunny weather lately and get some much needed repairs done on Nervous Tension. It was all fairly straightforward; leave early, pick up an outboard on the way and get down in time for high tide to motor her into Southsea marina where – with the help of electricity, shelter and hot showers – the repairs would be easier to make.

As with all these things, it never goes smoothly. Horrible traffic on the M25 and an outboard that just wasn’t having it soon put an end to any hopes of getting into Southsea. Huge thanks go to Chris who was storing some of Nervous Tension’s gear and his kind loan of an old seagull to get my little inflatable out to the boat. On the plus side, the rudder’s now hung back on the transom so she’s sitting much more happily on the mooring.

There’s still a lot of work to be done to get her sailing though at least most of it is fairly simple work, just a bit time consuming.

  • Patch a crack in the deck
  • Repair the port quarter under the pushpit base
  • Fill and fair scuffs on the port topside
  • Repair section of starboard bow which has been torn off (not structural!)
  • Rebuild missing section of starboard transom
  • Repair transom crossbeam
  • Figure out where the water in the bilge is coming from

It’ll be good to get the holes patched up and go for a sail. Then if she behaves herself maybe she can have a new coat of paint at the end of the season.


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