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Painting A Wooden Boat

Posted in Boat Building & Maintenance by Joseph Moore on December 29, 2009

I’ve been thinking about paint lately. I know a load of people who are obsessed with epoxy encapsulation, but ever the cheapskate I’m just not convinced. Boats have floated for thousands of years without epoxy and suddenly all wooden boats will apparently disintegrate on contact with the water.

Granted, it depends what you’re doing with your boat. But few spend the whole year in the water and many small yachts especially spend their time on drying moorings so why wouldn’t traditional paint be more than up to the job? Maybe it’s just because people don’t want the hassle (and potential expense) of repainting their boat every few years. After a very short dig around I came across a no-nonsense article on boat painting by Terry Buddell of Dolphin Boats. He covers a lot of good points about preparation, correct paint usage and technique. Definitely worth a read.

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