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Buccaneer 24 Trimaran

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on October 15, 2009

This looks like a lot of fun for cruising around in, albeit a bit wet in a chop. I’m a big fan of quick boats because I quite like the arriving as much as the sailing there. Centreboards do make creek exploration and just pitching up on a beach quite accessible too…

Perhaps it wouldn’t be too far fetched to build one. I know what I’m doing with wood and composites, I’ve got my eye on an old Tornado mast in the Grafham boat park, plus there’s a guy reproducing buccaneer 24 plans. Donations of marine ply gratefully accepted!


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  1. […] think despite being an old design, the Buccaneer 24 is a superb boat offering a good mix of simple cheap construction, space and boat […]

  2. […] in the post this week? A package from Australia – with boat plans inside! Plans for the Crowther Buccaneer 24 Trimaran to be exact. I figured the only way to make a sensible decision on whether it was the right choice […]

  3. […] and with a doorway that’s not quite big enough, but it’ll do if I decide to build that Buccaneer! Tagged with: ebay, […]

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