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Fairing The Rudders

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on September 28, 2009

Although in pretty good shape, the rudders on my Inter 18 needed a bit of a clean up. One of them had been filled and faired previously, but the filler was standing proud and quite rough. The other had some nasty tar-like substance caked onto it. Not fast!

Inter 18 Rudders

Inter 18 Rudders

The factory gelcoat on the rudders is tough stuff and despite some chips and these bits stuck to it was still quite smooth; they definitely didn’t need rubbing down and repainting so out comes the trusty steel knife to shave off the muck. Sandpaper never really works for these jobs – it’s hard to get it flat without rubbing down the gelcoat as well. Besides, the gelcoat is smooth enough that nothing ever really sticks to it properly. The filler and the tar muck scraped off easily enough.

I’m not really sure what the filler was covering, aside from a few small scratches there aren’t any depressions or repairs to be seen underneath. Maybe someone ended up spilling a bit on there by mistake and tried to sand it back off. Who knows.

So aside from a couple of chips we’re good to go. Doesn’t seem much point in getting out the filler for such a small job so they can stay as they are until the hulls get a good fairing over the winter I think.


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