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A Torn Spinnaker

Posted in Sailing by Joseph Moore on September 24, 2009
Reinforced spinnaker tack

Reinforced spinnaker tack

Last Sunday was a beautifully sunny day with a gentle force 2 from the north. Ideal for messing about and trying out the kite hoist system which we’d had to rig from scratch as the previous owner hadn’t done it since replacing the mast.

All was going fantastically, a nice reach across the lake with a Hobie Tiger on our heels. Binned the kite, turned around and headed back to the top. Shortly after hoisting the kite for the second time we noticed that the tack had a few holes in it and was tearing apart. Probably best to get that reinforced before trying it on a windy day. Unfortunately the exact same thing was happening on the head of the sail which then decided to rip clean off. Oops.

Brand new spinnaker head

Brand new spinnaker head

Let this be a lesson to you: don’t do what the previous guy did and keep the spinnaker in the chute, the sun’s u.v. will destroy the nylon at the head and foot where they just poke out of the snuffer and you’ll look really silly.

Huge thanks to Stu at Alverbank Sails for replacing the head and reinforcing the tack with such a fast turnaround. Posted it off to him on Monday afternoon and just got it back first thing Thursday morning. Top stuff. Here’s a couple of pics of his handiwork.


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